Thursday, August 27, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Caution"

Here is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. The topic is "Caution." Ever been around somebody who looks pretty threatening and you don't want to make any sudden moves? That's how this little green monster-guy feels while waiting for the bus. He has to exercise caution so as not to disturb the angry-looking guy next to him. I'd be pretty scared, too.

Done rather quickly in Illustrator this week. I've been a lot busier than I thought recently, so I rushed a bit to get this one done. Hope you enjoy! : )

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Wrapped"

Here is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday. It's a bit rushed, but I'm busier than I thought this week with my college classes. I'm not the biggest dog fan in the world, but I LOVE Welsh Corgis; they're just so cute with their big ears and short stature. If I ever had a dog, a Corgi would be it.

This is probably more "unwrapped" than "wrapped," but hey, he's wrapped up in ribbons. Done in Photoshop. Enjoy and thanks to everyone who visits my drawing blog! : )

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Impatience"

Here is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday. I wanted to do something with penguins, so I illustrated this for the topic. The poor Emperor penguin chick is getting "impatient" and wants to be fed. Unfortunately, his dad hasn't caught anything yet. Ice fishing can be tough... I know it's a little too "Christmas-like" for the summer, but it helps me cool off. : )

Done in Illustrator. It's a similar style to the rooster one I did in a previous week. I'm beat, so I'm off to bed. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Modify"

I had a hard time coming up with an idea for this week's Illustration Friday topic, but I somehow managed. Guess I'm just tired this week. Anyway, this snail had to fit in in its new urban environment, so he "modified" his shell by doing some fancy graffiti. I think he will blend in just fine. : ) Yes, his name is Steve... not sure why. His look ended up looking a little 1990's, whoops. I'm not a graffiti artist or anything, so pardon the mistakes.

Done in Photoshop. Splatter brushes used for the brick wall are from DeviantArt. Lots of great brushes there!